Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Things That Make Me Crazy About V/T BDSM

1. Submissives who call every one Mistress and Master.
2. People who believe GOR is a real lifestyle, not a roleplay based on a series of books.
3. The high number of female dominants who switch down to submissive to get a man.
4. The high number of dominants who think I'm a waitress and my only desire is to get them virtual drinks.
5. People who curtsy.
6. People who give out collars after two weeks.
7. People who accept collars after two weeks.
8. People who think they're really submissive because they have v/t bdsm 'speak' down pat.
9. P/people W/who type like this to E/everyone in every post T/they make.
10. Dominants who use 'domination' as a way to 'get back at' the opposite sex.
11. People who provide no aftercare when they've just beat their 'submissive' within an inch of his/her life.
12. The word 'subbie'
13. The word 'missive'
14. People who pretend they know more than they do.
15. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK/ LASHLASHLASHLASH (okay this one makes me snort and laugh too)
16. People who post who blocks of someone else's text so they might appear knowledgeable themselves.
17. People who hit on other peoples dominants and submissives. If you have no honor, you don't deserve to be
18. Women and men with self-esteem issues who call it submissiveness.
19. Women and men with self-esteem issues who hide it behind being a dominant.
20. The reality of how competitive and mean women can be with each other.

Hm - That's a good start

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